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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Dec 30, 2021

A vendor of labels, boxes, and l-boards for Pederson's – Matt Malin, founder of M3 Packaging, displays the best things about customer service and what it means to truly build relationships! He tries to say several times in the conversation that his business isn’t complicated…I say liar!

Fun fact: Matt got fired and he will tell you…that was the best thing that has ever happened to him!

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M3 Packaging solutions 

Wins, Losses & Lessons by Lou Holtz

The Southwest Meat Association


(1:10) - Introducing Matt & M3 Packaging

(6:10) - What challenges do you face in your business?

(12:46) - How much do you deal with freight?

(17:28) - Having a ‘Want to’ attitude in every aspect of life

(21:01) - What’s the state of your industry and where do you see it going?

(24:17) - How M3 gets their products to the end consumer

(26:26) - Amazon as a competitor for buying box products

(29:39) - What drives the cost for base board?

(32:43) - Matt’s business is NOT simple!

(33:52) - The story of Matt starting his company

(36:40) - Where to find Matt & Wrap up

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