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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Feb 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered if the foods you eat negatively impact your health and well-being? Have you ever considered trying a Whole 30 nutritional reset? If you haven’t yet, this discussion might change your mind. Erica Nkansah began to struggle with muscle and joint pain after her daughter was born. In an effort to pinpoint the cause, she turned to Whole30. Finding relief with this new nutritional approach, Erica began creating gluten and dairy-free recipes. As she felt her pain subside, she found her anxiety did too. 

In this episode, listen and learn as Erica shares her insights as a nurse, Whole 30 recipe creator for her website (@thisafricancooks on Instagram), and the importance diversity and flavor play in making healthy foods the entire family can enjoy. 

Fun fact: Keep your eye on Erica for those plant-based Whole 30 recipes she is currently dreaming up!

Join us to hear more about how nutrition might be impacting you, too!

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(1:10) - Erika’s Background growing up in West Africa & moving to the United States

(6:21) - Erika’s career in medicine

(10:29) - How Whole30 helped with Erika’s anxiety and joint pains

(16:06) - Erika’s Food Blog -

(17:14) - Thoughts on plant-based Whole30 & making food exciting for everyone

(21:58) - Why are people skeptical when it comes to changing diets?

(23:56) - What are some products you want to see from Pederson’s?

(26:18) - Erika’s advice on health

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