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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Feb 25, 2022

What can you learn from an entrepreneur whose family’s business has been successful in the food industry for almost 100 years? How to help your business survive and thrive, even in uncertain times.  From their start in 1928, through the Great Depression and now Covid, Ed Ruff is the fourth-generation owner-operator of Morrilton Packing, one of Pederson’s production partners. Ed understands how to create products that meet consumer demand and exceed it.

Listen as he shares valuable insights that help keep his company strong and his approach to making delicious foods like smoked ham - because when we feed our families good food made by people who know what they're's something special indeed! 

Fun fact: Edward has served as the President of the Southwest Meat Association and might be known to bring a little excitement to the party!

Join us to learn how Ed’s business expertise might help your business, too!

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Petit Jean Meats

Southwest Meat Association


(1:37) - Ed’d background and career

(3:05) - Surviving the Great Depression vs. what we experience today

(5:03) - How has Covid changed your business?

(6:45) - The Southwest Meat Association

(11:16) - Adding meat processing to the business

(13:48) - The farm to plate journey for Nature’s Rancher hams

(18:14) - More about Nature’s Rancher

(19:30) - Ed’s business philosophy

(23:47) - What’s one mistake from your career that you learned from?

(26:07) - Final thoughts

The Pederson’s Farms Podcast is produced by Johnny Peterson & Root and Roam.