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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Apr 26, 2022

What would happen if you ate nothing but meat for an entire year? It may sound different, but it’s a reality for those living the carnivore lifestyle.

Autumn Wagner, who goes by @__authenticallyautumn on Instagram, shows how the carnivore lifestyle is a real solution for her life. I ate according to the carnivore outline for 30 days, and in my experience, you might want to try it!

Fun fact: Autumn has multiple tattoos! Her best friend is a tattoo artist, so she helps out by volunteering for a bit of practice now and then!


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(2:52) - Introducing Autumn Wagner

(3:54) - What was your diet like pre-carnivore?

(7:42) - How much research should people do before going full carnivore?

(11:47) - Thoughts on the vegan & vegetarian diet 

(16:43) - How Autumn got into coaching

(20:04) - Thoughts on alcohol

(24:34) - How can people connect with you online?

(25:23) - How do you define the carnivore diet?

(34:07) - Autumn’s tattoos

(37:00) - Autumn’s experience with Pederson’s products