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Apr 26, 2022

During an inflationary period within our economy it seems too easy to implement a price increase. Does that create an opportunity that might not exist otherwise?

Sam Freedman, Founder of Mission Driven Foods, explores this thought and many others as we talk about what it is like to do business in this day and time. Sam and his team serve as an expert solution in the meat procurement space for several emerging companies. They’ve made it their “mission” to support sustainable and humane animal agriculture and reduce food waste.

Fun fact: Sam has a dog named Harold…My dad’s first name is Harold!


Mission Driven Foods

Sam on LinkedIn

Imperfect Foods


(5:10) - Sam’s role at Mission Driven Foods

(6:46) - Sam’s career before MDF

(10:34) - Food waste

(15:26) - Thoughts on price increases

(20:14) - What intrigued you about the meat business?

(23:11) - What have been some great things about working with your family?

(27:50) - How do you balance running your own business and raising a family?

(34:28) - Final thoughts