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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Sep 10, 2021

A Peer in our industry – DPM (David Paul Miller) is the Chief Sales Officer at The New Primal, a brand with Whole30 compliant products and a kindred spirit! As you might expect as the CSO he has a broad understanding of the industry, buyers, consumers, and how his brand brings value!

Fun fact: He once commandeered a button-down shirt from the hotel he was staying in because his luggage didn’t make the trip across the country with him in time for his meeting. So, he wore a shirt that said “Inn By The Sea La Jolla CA” to a meeting 😂

Check out the Whole30 Approved Program Here

(3:10) - The story of “DPM” and thoughts on Personal Branding

(6:15) -  Behind the scenes of The New Primal

(12:30) - Who’s your biggest competitors and how do you differentiate?

(16:56) - How TNP brings new products to market & The  Whole30 Theme

(26:23) - The importance of being collaborative partners with retailers & How DPM pitches retailers

(31:15) - AIP: Auto-immune Protocol

(35:19) - Growth plans for The New Primal

(37:36) - Do you still feel like a startup?

(44:50) -  The New Primal’s newest products

(48:35) - What are your buyers’ biggest pain points?

(57:18) - Wrap Up

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