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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Jan 3, 2023

In this episode of Powered by Protein, host Neil Dudley interviews Diego Diverde, the Sales Director for Greener Pastures Chicken. Diego shares how their farm raises organic, grass-fed chickens using regenerative farming practices. Find out what regenerative farming is and how it helps improve soil health and sustainable food production with Diego Diverde.


Greener Pastures Chicken

Virtual Kitchens

Rebel without a Crew by Robert Rodriguez


(1:03) - Introducing Diego and GPC

(4:40) - How many people do you think understand the nuances about chicken in our country?

(6:35) - How can you leverage the claims GPC makes?

(10:02) - Eating for a goal vs. eating for experience

(14:22) - The Sales role for Farmers and Ranchers

(17:11) - Virtual Kitchens

(19:43) - Why did Von Miller join GPC?

(22:44) - What’s your approach to branding?

(25:19) - Is there a specific breed of chicken you use?

(26:48) - How is the drought affecting you?

(27:11) - Certified Human claims