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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Aug 20, 2021

An Employee of Pederson’s for 11 years as of recording – AJ Flinn is our Internal Operations Coordinator. She is our go to expert for Label Compliance, Nutritional Fact panels, and IT/Network/Software/Hardware solutions. Her input drives much of our decision making and her experience makes her one of the best in the industry!

She has done 1.5 Whole30s…yes we know there is no such thing as doing a .5 Whole30…we forgive her!

Check out the Whole30 Approved Program Here

(1:56) - AJ’s background and the value she brings to the team

(3:59) - What do you wish consumers and customers knew about your work

(5:39) - How AJ came to Pederson’s

(7:28) - How the natural farming industry has changed & butting heads

(8:33) - Nutritional Facts Panels and how they’re written

(12:17) - Who is the ‘Nutritional Police’?

(13:17) - What are the most common questions you get from customers and vendors?

(15:06) - Investing in Employee talent & Working with great vendors

(17:55) - Whole30

(21:32) - Are consumers getting more interested in what’s in their food and where it came from?

(24:51) - What’s your favorite thing about PNF

(25:34) - What’s your least favorite thing about PNF?

(28:21) - Wrap Up & words of encouragement 

USDA Labeling Regulations

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