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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Aug 20, 2021

A Customer buying Pederson’s pork – Angela Mavridis is the founder of TRIBALÍ Foods. As a kid in her grandmother’s Greek kitchen, Angela discovered the nurturing power of real foods. Today, her recipes are a flavorful celebration of simple ingredients — gathered from nature and seasoned with loving care — that make healthier eating easier for everyone. TRIBALÍ Foods seeks and sources high-quality animal meats — from grass fed and grass finished pastured beef, free-range chicken and turkey, to natural pork — to create a flavorful, versatile, and nutrient-dense centerpiece for wholesome, satisfying meals. Welcome to ancestral eating made for your modern world!

Her company TRIBALÍ is a Whole30 partner!

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(1:20) - Angela’s background and Tribali

(3:39) - Angela’s thoughts on the changing consumer & wanting to know more about their food and who makes their food.

(6:32) - Why did you become a nutritionist?


(12:28) - How do you help clean up people’s plates?

(15:37) - Angela’s Entrepreneurial insights

(19:32) - Networking

(20:24) - Tribali’s new products

(22:24) - What drives you to differentiate your products?

(24:43) - Who’s doing a great job in the food industry right now?

Siete Foods

Primal Kitchen

(25:52) - How can people find more about you?

Tribali on Instagram