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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Aug 20, 2021

A Vendor providing farm management services to Pederson’s – Gary Dial is the founder of Aberdeen Farms and Truebridge Foods. He is a veterinarian/professor who left academia and started his own business which works tirelessly to make 3 things happen within the operations he works with...better environment for pigs, consistent quality product, and financial feasibility!

He is a big reason our pork supply is Whole30 compliant!

Whole30 Approved Program

(1:44) - Gary’s background and how he got into pig farming

(6:20) - The sanitizing process when working with pigs

(7:58) - Pigs are actually very clean animals

(9:12) - Gary’s commitment to the well-being of pigs

(16:22) - Staff training and Standard Operating Procedures

(17:11) - Misconceptions in Pig Farming

G.A.P. Standards for Pig Welfare

(21:04) - Gary Walks us through one of his farms

(25:25) - Farrowing and nursing pigs

(30:41) - Environmental differences between commercial and traditional farms

(32:38) - Gasses produced from manure and animals and their impact

(34:09) - What goes into the pig feed?

(35:20) - What grains or vegetable components make up the vegetarian-feed?

(36:39) - Profitability & Sustainability

(39:55) - Why don’t we expand this sustainable model faster?

(43:35) - Wrap Up

The Pederson's Natural Farms Podcast is produced by Johnny Peterson & Root and Roam.