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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Dec 30, 2021

A customer buying multiple Pederson's products as well as trusting us to manufacture their own brand – Jack Gridley is a veteran of the meat business who is truly a visionary in the space! Grocers around the country keep a close eye on what Dorothy Lane Market is doing!

Fun fact: Jack once offered me the keys to his vehicle during a sales call so I could drive to Nashville and go see Stacy (My future wife).

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(2:07) - Jack, Jerry and Mike’s background and careers

(10:52) - The Dorothy Lane Dynamic

(16:53) - Why are you only located in Dayton?

(19:15) - Mike’s secret singing ability, Friendship and loyalty

(22:35) - How do you build the next generation of DL Leadership?

(25:59) - Building a world-class culture

(27:55) - The importance of building design and in-store experience in Brick & Mortar

(33:36) - Thoughts on meat alternatives

(37:26) - Wrap Up

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