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Pederson's Farms - Powered by Protein a deep dive into Where your Food come From!

Oct 25, 2022

What is it like working at Pederson’s? This week, Pederson’s Lead Support Representative Jeff Hackett joined Neil Dudley on the podcast. They discussed Jeff’s experience working at Pederson’s, how he joined the Pederson’s team, and his Whole30 experience!


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(0:30) - Introducing Jeff & life working at Pederson’s

(8:02) - Jeff’s work, hobbies and life

(17:42) - Learning to navigate pandemic changes

(20:03) - Jeff’s favorite Pederson’s products

(22:03) - Do you feel pressured to do a Whole30 working for Pederson’s?

(25:58) - Talkin’ product!

(30:37) - Are you strict with your kid’s diets?

(31:08) - Does being a pet owner make you think about eating meat?

(33:31) - Wrap Up

The Pederson's Farms Podcast is produced by Johnny Podcasts & Root and Roam.